Prepare for MP Meeting

How to hold a successful meeting with your MP:

  1. Request a meeting by phone or email. Be mindful of the dates MP may be in Ottawa: House of Commons Sitting Schedule
  2. At the meeting, introduce yourself and the organization you represent.
  3. Give a brief background of the issue/purpose for your meeting.
  4. Express clearly what it is you want or need the MP to do for you.
  5. Bring a one-page summary for the MP to review, after your meeting is concluded.
  6. Thank the MP for their time and follow up with them after the meeting.


Other helpful tips:

Confirm who your MP is by entering your postal code at the Election Canada website: Elections Canada - Voter Information Service

An MP focuses mainly on concerns raised by their own constituents, in the riding they represent.

When booking a meeting, it is helpful to provide a short summary of the issue you want to raise, so that your MP can be prepared.

Be mindful of the appointment length of time. If your request is concise in the first 5 minutes, the remaining time is available for questions and discussion.

Please inform us ahead of time if you wish to bring others to the meeting.

Typically a photo is taken at the end of the appointment for social media posts.