Ukraine 2022: CUAET

IRCC announced “that Ukrainians arriving in Canada can now apply to receive transitional financial assistance. These funds will help Ukrainian nationals and their family members meet their basic needs—such as transportation and longer-term housing—as they arrive in communities across Canada and find a job. The benefit will consist of a direct, one-time payment of $3,000 per adult and $1,500 per child (17 years and under).”

It is retroactive, for anyone with a valid work permit, study permit, temporary resident permit or visitor record under the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) will all be eligible to receive this one-time payment.

Applications for the assistance must be submitted through the Government of Canada’s online portal, which opened June 2, 2022.

Payments are expected to be issued through direct deposit within 5 business days of the application being submitted. Applicants must therefore have a bank account with a Canadian financial institution. The name associated with the account must match the name written on the adult’s temporary resident status document, and those arriving should also obtain a Canadian social insurance number (SIN) as soon as possible in order to be able to work.

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Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel

Applicants can apply for up to 3 years as a Temporary Resident. CUAET also gives those who are already in Canada the option to extend their visitor status, work permit or study permit so that they can continue to live and work or study in Canada temporarily.

Canadian immigration offices in Warsaw, Vienna and Bucharest are now being equipped with mobile biometric kits, to take the fingerprints and portrait photos of prospective Ukrainian refugees in its bid to ensure proper security precautions are taken. Clients should visit the VAC website to find the closest service point.

Biometrics continue to be a mandatory requirement for clients applying to come to Canada and must be submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) prior to the issuance of a visa.

Dedicated IRCC service line for Ukraine: +1 (613) 321-4243 (available both inside Canada and abroad). 

  • For standard cases, the CUAET will facilitate the rapid processing of electronic visa applications within 14 days of receipt of a complete application.

  • All visa applicants will undergo standard background checks and be carefully screened before coming into Canada.

  • The CUAET is a temporary residence pathway and is not a refugee stream.

  • Employers wishing to support Ukrainians through offers of employment can register available jobs using Job Bank’s Jobs for Ukraine webpage. Job Bank is a free, bilingual website that provides access for employers to thousands of potential employees and offers a free and secure space for job posting.

  • Avoid becoming a victim of fraud. There is no fee to be considered for the CUAET for Ukrainians and their family members. Only the Government of Canada can request personal information or decide your eligibility for the CUAET. There are no agents or consultants acting on our behalf.

If you need more information, please reach out to our office in Saskatoon.
Phone: (306) 975-6555  |  Email: [email protected]