PETITION: Investigate Fake Admission Letters

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Conservatives have deep concerns about reports that international students who studied in Canada were issued fraudulent college acceptance letters by dishonest consultants.

IRCC failed to identify these fake letters and issued valid Canadian study visas based on fraudulent college acceptance letters. Students came to Canada on these study visas and were frankly scammed by these dishonest agents who told them their colleges of choice were full and directed them to smaller college alternatives.

It is estimated that hundreds of students are now being threatened with deportation by CBSA after the students’ submitted applications for permanent residency. Only then were proper verifications conducted by government officials.

These students and their families sacrificed their life savings to seek education and a better life in Canada. Many of these students work, study, and live in Canada. These students were exploited by malicious consultants and failed by the government that should have detected the fraudulent letters during the study visa application process. Canadians and parliamentarians alike should be deeply concerned about the integrity of our immigration system.

The Conservative members of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration are pushing the government to fully investigate this scam and make sure it can't happen again.

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We, the undersigned, request that:

The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration immediately conduct a study into the international students who were issued fraudulent college acceptance letters by dishonest consultants and are now facing deportation, and that the Canada Border Services Agency temporarily suspend deportation of affected international students until required witnesses can testify before the committee.