MP Brad Redekopp Welcomes Afghan Refugees


November 2nd, 2021


Saskatoon – Yesterday, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon West, Brad Redekopp, in collaboration with Saskatoon Open Door Society was able to welcome 200 Afghan refugees into Saskatoon.

Brad Redekopp said: “I had the privilege and honour of welcoming 200 Afghan refugees into our community through a virtual welcoming ceremony. After facing much hardship, I hope we can provide these refugees a new life in Saskatoon.

“Our country must remain a welcoming place for citizens of foreign nations struggling across the globe. Many immigrants and refugees have helped build this country brick-by-brick with their relentless work ethic and dedication. I am pleased that we’re able to assist these 200 Afghans, including 51 families in their time of need and provide them a fresh start right here in our city of Saskatoon.

I am a grandson of immigrants. Our nation is a land of democracy, freedom, and opportunity which is what caught my grandparents’ eye when they immigrated here approximately 100 years ago. I look forward to seeing these new Canadians contribute to our country and watch their children and grandchildren grow up here. And hopefully some day, one of their grandchildren will become a Member of Parliament like I did!”

Information on the Saskatoon Open Door Society initiative for Afghan refugees can be found here:




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Regional Media Advisor

Office of MP Brad Redekopp

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